Laser Removal of Nevus of OTA & ABNOM

Nevus of OTA is a benign birth mark that affects mostly oriental ladies (up to 0.8% of Japanese Females). Males may also be affected.
A variant of nevus of known as ACQUIRED BILATERAL NEVUS OF OTA LIKE MACULES / ABNOM for short, also does well with the pigment lesion laser.
Questions Answers
How can it be treated? It can be cleared with Pigment lesion lasers (We use the QS ND YAG 1064 NM)
How many treatments are necessary? 8-10 treatments
What is the interval of treatment? 1-3 months in between each treatment
Is it painful? Numbing cream and ice are used to make the procedure comfortable, but there will be some discomfort for a few seconds.
How long does the treatment take? The procedure takes less than 5 mins