This is a disease of the oil glands of the face, chest & back, that is mostly genetically predisposed. (fig. 1)


Q: Are there any trigger factors?
A: Yes. Age, (teens, and early- mid adulthood), stress, lack of sleep & poor diet.

Do cosmetic products affect acne?
A: Yes. Overusing moisturisers & sunscreens help block the oil glands & trigger acne break outs.

What is the best treatment?
A: The drug of choices is called 13-sic retinoic acid (roaccutane/ acnotin) in combination with antibiotics & gels & lotions usually for a 6-10 month course, to ensure a more long term result.

What about the acne scars?
A: We prefer to use the CO2 Fractional laser to reduce acne scars.

Fractional Lasers : a 3D Treatment